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How Can Parents / Carers Help?

The Club encourages parents/carers to stay and watch their children train, but appreciate that this is not always possible.

Please ensure that you regularly check our website, facebook and twitter as this is your chance to find out what is going on. Also can parents who do drop their children off, please ensure that someone at the pool, not just the child(ren), are aware of where the parents will be during the training period and also, and more importantly, someone has the up to date contact details for the parent(s), in case of incident and we need to contact you in a hurry.

Please remember that the club is responsible for the swimmers while in the water or on the poolside, but is not responsible for them in the changing rooms or outside the actual pool area.  Please look after your swimmers.

Please encourage your child to listen carefully to the coach and assistant teachers.  They are trained and know what they are talking about!


RSC relies on volunteers and encourages parents/carers to become involved with a whole host of activities and also offers training courses to those interested in taking this a step further, such as:

Timekeeper/Chief Timekeeper
Poolside Helper (Gala Stewards, Door, Raffle etc)
Electronic Timing systems
Swimming Teacher/Assistant Teacher
Swimming Coach / Assistant Coach
Website / IT / Data & records
Fundraising / Shop / Social events
Child Protection

... the list is endless - and all run by volunteers who, like you, want to make the most out of OUR club.

No experience is necessary initially to take an interest and help support the club. Many of us have skills that may be useful in helping the club, so don’t be afraid to let us know. We are a friendly bunch and the more who help the less one person has to do, and the more we can each focus on the safe & enjoyable development of our swimmers.

We all share an interest in seeing our children do well and enjoy themselves.


If you are interested in helping out - in whatever capacity - please see Paul Hartland, or any of the coaches who can help you in the right direction.


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