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What Galas Do We Complete In? 

Friendly Galas and League Competitions

A team list will be posted on the notice board a couple of weeks prior to the event. This will include the selected teams of boys and girls in the appropriate age groups, the date of the gala, the venue, the warm-up time and adult helpers needed for the gala (time-keepers, stewards, etc.)

If your name is there and you are able to swim tick it off, or put a cross if you are unable to attend. If you are able to attend but have a problem with transport please let someone know so that we can arrange a lift for you. If you are not sure where the pool is for that gala, again please ask and someone will be happy to provide details, or a map. Occasionally the club may hire a coach if the gala is a long way away.

These Club Galas usually take place in the evening and may last 2-3 hours. 

More details on the different galas can be found here.

Open Meets

These are external competitions that are open to swimmers from all clubs in the country. RSC targets certain events throughout the year and details are put on the notice board and website. All entries are handled through our Open Meet Secretary. There are many open meets throughout the year and if we, as a club, have not targeted a particular one you are able to enter by contacting them direct yourself. The Open Meets have varying age groups and events so you need to consider what you want to enter and discuss with your coach.

Entry forms have to be completed and may require a club official to sign it, before sending it off with the appropriate fee. There will be a closing date for entries so you may not hear for some time whether or not your entries have been accepted.

Open meets can go on for some time, very often most of the day, or weekend!  Make sure you take plenty of food, drinks, costumes, towels and maybe a book to read while you wait for your race.

At targeted open meets there will need be an adult with a ‘coach’s pass’ from the club on the poolside to supervise swimmers and this needs to be checked when entering the competition.

Club Championships

These are usually held in late autumn and are only open to our own club members. They are run exactly as you would any other external gala/competition with a referee, judge and timekeepers. All club members (whatever age) are entitled to enter, as long as you have been a member for 3 months. Swimmers are encouraged to enter. This is often their first taste of competition and also provides an opportunity to gain those all important swimming times, not to mention the opportunity to win a medal.

County/Midland and National Events

As a competitive club we are striving to encourage and help swimmers to achieve their full potential in swimming and the most prestigious of the competitions that we aim for are Worcester County Championships, Midland District Championships, and ultimately Nationals.  Each of these is tougher and harder than the last and times get faster as you progress through your swimming but with hard work and determination these are achievable. 

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