Redditch Swimming Club
Founded 1898
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Latest News:
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Junior Land Training 16 April
Kingsley Update
Training over Easter
Coaches Meeting
Junior Land Training OFF 9 April
Training as Normal at Abbey Stadium - Friday 12 April
Kingsley Pool - limited parking
Time Trial Results
New Open Meet and Regionals

Our Fees

There is an annual joining fee which all members have to pay. This amount covers a joining fee for Redditch Swimming Club together with the annual membership of the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association). Everyone who swims with Redditch Swimming Club has to be a member of the ASA under the terms of our constitution. This covers their affiliation fee and insurance. There is also a monthly fee that depends on the squad the swimmer is in.  

The preferred method of payment is by Standing Order.

Annual ASA & Redditch Swimming Club Membership Fees - 2016

Category 1 - £31.50
Anyone who swims with Redditch Swimming Club

Category 2 - £47.50
Swimmers who are, or are likely to be, involved in league galas, open meets, County, Midland & National events.

Category 3 - £12.00
Coaches, helpers, qualified officials, Committee Members

Monthly Fees

These have unfortunately had to increase with effect from 1 July 2016.  The previous fee is shown in brackets

Widths - £20 (£17)
Development Bronze - £24 (£22)    
Development Silver - £27 (£24)    
Development Gold - £32 (£30)
Junior Competition - £35 (£33)    
Junior Performance - £42 (£38)
Senior Competition - £45 (£40)    
Senior Performance - £50 (£42) 
Adults Masters - £26 (£24)


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