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Swimming at UoB pool


Swimming at Birmingham University Pool

On an ad-hoc basis RSC train at the new pool at Birmingham University. This training has been offered to swimmers in partial gold, gold, junior and senior squads and often requires an additional payment by the parents/carers to cover the cost of the hire of the pool.

The pool operators have introduced a new system requiring RSC [and all other users] of the pool to be in possession of an individual membership card showing name and photograph. The cost of issuing a card is £5 per person. The membership card gives access to the pool and secures a locker for the storage of personal possessions and the swimmer's dry bag.

This is a single fee and doesn't require renewing each year.

On occasions RSC 'targets' or restricts the people invited to the training due to the available space or nature/intensity of the training. It is likely that some swimmers would get 'more value' from the £5 than others. This is unavoidable.

There is no actual guarantee of when, or how often, RSC will hire the pool, or, whether the pool will be its  25m or 50m configuration. However, we are developing a good relationship with the pool operators and they view us as trusted and valued users. 

Parents of swimmers in the above squads are asked to consider whether they will pay for a membership card at the pool. Please email Paul Hartland who will collate replies. The actual logistics of issuing the cards will be worked out later.


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