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County Swimmers / Parents






With the forthcoming County Championships on the door step I want to take this opportunity to remind parents of a couple of issues that we must insist that swimmers observe whilst at the County Galas.


  1. Can parents please ensure that swimmers are not in possession of lots of sweets during the gala. Fruit, energy bars and non-fizzy drinks are best for the swimmers rather than sugar filled sweets.

  2. The use of mobile phones is NOT permitted in the changing rooms/toilets under any circumstances. If mobile phones have to be taken into the changing rooms/toilets for any reason they should remain in swim bags and not taken out or used in any way. There will be Toilet Marshalls throughout the 3 gala dates checking toilets on a regular basis and will bring to the attention of team coaches anyone using mobile phones within the changing rooms/toilets.

  3. Parents should ensure that no swimmer has any food, snacks or treats that contain nuts of any description. Many people are allergic to nut products and to avoid a swimmer having an allergic reaction a ban on nuts is the sure way to achieve this.

  4. Parents please note that they will not be permitted in the changing room/toilet areas of any pool used during the County Championships. Only DBS checked person will be allowed in those areas and then only if in possession of an official poolside pass. If parents need to enter the changing rooms/toilet areas they should seek the assistance of a committee member of RSC or a County Poolside Assistant or Toilet Marshall BEFORE doing so.



Malcolm Ross

Chair Redditch Swimming Club


16th January 2019.

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